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Live casino

With numerous trending games that can be played in real-time with a live dealer, you could see your casino rising in popularity and revenue in no time. The Quantum Gaming live casino comes with a plethora of customizable options, services, and games that will make your vision come true.


Our sportsbook is on par with some of the most famous in the industry. The best odds, the most diverse selection of wagers, and a wide array of sports to bet on will convince you to make the Quantum Gaming sportsbook your go-to when it comes to enriching your offerings.

Integrated affiliate tracking systems

Affiliate marketing is the perfect way to promote your online casino business, especially when it comes to investments and outcome comparison. The Quantum Gaming affiliate system is developed to seamlessly serve operators and partners, helping them to track all needed data.


Quantum Gaming’s white-label solutions look to cater to a diverse variety of gamers, but for the slot-lovers out there, our slots section is particularly robust. All sorts of attractive, exciting, and lucrative slot games are part of our extensive catalog, including old-school and more modern ones.

Live chat

There’s no better way to stay connected, synchronized, and on-point with your players than a live chat. The Quantum Gaming live chat feature will allow you to quickly and efficiently solve any issue with as little hassle as possible. 


If you’re striving to increase your customers’ satisfaction and gambling experience, then adding tournaments to your offerings will definitely hit the spot. These events are amusing and thrilling, with mouth-watering winnings, which will make your casino quite sought after.

Virtual games

Whenever they go online, people are searching for some kind of social interaction, and online casinos usually lack this. Interaction with others is limited to a few chats. But, with virtual games as your asset, the whole gambling journey will become more enjoyable and more immersive.

Secure payment system

Quantum Gaming completely embodies a safety-first approach, meaning that all transactions will be completely safe and secure. With a strong payment system that includes a broad range of international payment methods, a fluent payment experience is guaranteed.


Customer relationship management is a system that allows you to manage extremely comprehensive user data. The Quantum Gaming CRM software assists casinos with staying connected to customers, streamlining procedures, and increasing profitability.

KYC services

A big part of our impressive security system is the KYC service. Know Your Client protocol will give an extra layer of defense against money laundering and fraudulent activities while ensuring the lowest possible player turnover rate. 

Advanced reporting tools

Quantum Gaming’s advanced reporting tools are made entirely with casino operators’ needs in mind. With striking efficiency, these tools will cover every aspect of the casino’s daily operations and allow optimal performance improvement. 

Bonuses and loyalty programs

The carefully chosen selection of promotional offerings, as well as loyalty perks, is a common method of boosting player acquisition, retention, and reactivation. We offer an ultramodern and feature-rich bonus system that will elevate your content to a whole new level of quality.

Anti-fraud protection

Top-of-the-range fraud detection and fraud prevention tools are employed by Quantum Gaming to ensure a high level of security for the online casino as well as for the players. They prevent, identify, and react to every online casino fraud using cutting-edge technology.

Multicurrency and multi-language settings

It is unspeakably important for casinos to provide accessible content to as many people as possible, so multi-language and multi-currency settings are something that goes without saying in the world of Quantum Gaming white label and turnkey solutions.  

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